I am a PhD student in animal science at Virginia Tech. My research interests include the application of computer vision systems for high-throughput phenotyping and the integration of high-throughput phenotyping data into a quantitative genetic framework.

  • Computer vision system
  • Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Machine learning
  • Quantitative genetics
  • PhD in progress in Animal Science, 2021

    Virginia Tech

  • Master in Animal Biology

    University of California Davis

  • Master in Animal Nutrition and Feed Science

    Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

  • BSc in Animal Science

    Shandong Agricultural University


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Bi, Y., Xin, H., Pan, X., & Xiong, B. (2017). Effects of dietary threonine level on growth performance, carcass traits, immune function and serum hormone of Peking ducklings. Chinese Journal of Animal Nutrition29(6), 1913-1920.

Xin, H., Pan, X., Yang, L., Bi, Y., & Xiong, B. (2016). Effects of light intensity on performance, carcass performance and meat quality of Peking ducks. Chinese Journal of Animal Nutrition28(4), 1076-1083.